F Olympic Week & Awards Day!
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Olympic Week, the last week of each session, is the highlight of our summer program. It features a friendly competition where the entire camp is divided into two teams: Reds and Yellows. The children love the team spirit and the many special activities starting with Tug-of-War and ending with the end-of-session Awards Ceremonies. Olympic Week provides a wonderful opportunity for campers to practice the sportsmanship skills we work on each and every day at camp. We want to help our campers learn that the enjoyment of sport comes from participation and effort, not from the victory. Let the games begin!

Awards Day is held the last day of each session, which also happens to be the last day of Olympic Week. Award ceremonies are held at the end of a day which includes our traditional "Decathlon Open" tournament followed by the announcement of Olympic Week results (release the balloons!)

If your child is not signed up to attend camp on Fridays he/she will receive ribbons in a smaller ceremony on his/her last day. If you would like to have him/her attend on Awards Day Friday just give us a call and we can arrange it for you (there is a charge for the extra day). Or, you may bring your child to camp on Awards Friday for just the ceremony (the last hour of the day) at no extra cost.