F Covid-19 Camp Updates 


April 19, 2021 Update

We are now about two months away from our long awaited 2021 Decathlon “re-opening.” To say that we are excited would likely be the understatement of the year. We hope you are all excited as well. With opening day as well as payment deadlines approaching, we wanted to do our best to update you on how we view the summer unfolding. Keep in mind that while a lot can change in the next 60 days (if we’ve learned nothing else…), if we had to run camp TOMORROW, this is what you could expect to see: 

*Campers and staff in masks throughout the camp day. Exceptions would be during snack, lunch, and water breaks.  These snack. lunch, and water breaks will be socially distanced breaks.

*Stable camp groups of roughly 14 campers that do not intermingle with or come within 6 feet of other camp groups per state health department guidelines. Each camp group will be staffed by the same staff members during the entire session. 

*Increased focus on health and hygiene including hand washing and sanitizing at the camper and staff level as well as enhanced cleaning throughout the site.

*Daily Covid health screening of campers and staff.  Plan for quarantine and reporting should a positive case of Covid be reported at camp. 

*Families will be asked to stay in their vehicles for camper drop off and pick up. Similarly, only campers (and our camp staff) will be allowed on camp grounds to mitigate risk.      

*Sadly, we do not see a current path forward (again, at least at this time) for our usual Friday trips, extended care, or mixed-group free play following lunch. 

We believe that both California and San Mateo County are on an encouraging trajectory in terms of Covid numbers in the community overall. As such, we are feeling very optimistic about camp this summer. And while it may look and feel a bit different in some ways, the ability for our staff and campers to connect, compete, laugh, and play together will be as meaningful and as important as ever. 

While we feel that with the precautions mentioned above combined with current trends make the odds of an exposure at camp quite low, we cannot guarantee in any way that Covid won’t somehow find its way into our camp setting. If any camp group is forced to close down for any period of time due to Covid, our refund options can be found below: 

Should any camp group be required to close or quarantine for any period of time, families will have three options regarding their enrollment fees for these unused/missed camp days. Families may either: (1) forward these fees at 100% value as credit toward the summer of 2022                                              (2) receive 75% of their fees back in the form of a cash refund                                                                (3) make a donation to camp. Any part of your camp enrollment fees can be donated to help us sustain our program. We are grateful for your support. 

We will continue to update you as we get closer to opening day with any substantial changes to camp operations. We’ll be sending Session One payment reminders soon as well. Thanks again for your support and flexibility as we make our way through this unique time. As always, please call or email us anytime with questions about summer or if we can further clarify any of our summer policies and planning.